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About Us

Welcome to GigzLife! We are GetGigz - a place for Any Skill, Any Gig!

GetGigz, is an online marketplace specializing in freelance business services, entrepreneurs, and a variety of personal services. GetGigz provides its freelancers, or as we like to call them, GigStars, with an easy to use platform to showcase their knowledge, skills and businesses.

We accomplish all of this and provide consumers with a ‘one stop shop’ for a variety of service options to support their quality of life.

At GetGigz,we recognize that there are different ‘skill-sets’ possessed by a variety of individuals. We also know that those ‘skill-sets’ are in high demand by others. Because we believe that everyone has skills, GetGigz, wants to complement and expand each communities options to find the skills they need, for any requirement. Our core value, is the belief that our GigStars should have an opportunity to work on their own terms, on their own schedule, while defining their own value. Further, our GigStars should not have to pay exorbitant fees to showcase their skills and services. Unlike many other similar freelance platforms, at GetGigz, our GigStars price their own services, and have the ability to negotiate with their customers. GetGigz will never price your services, or dispatch you to conduct work. You are the freelancer, you schedule your services and set your rates.

Unlike many platforms that may charge you hundreds of dollars in monthly subscription fees, with GetGigz, there is a ONE TIME Post Your Skills fee of $7.99. When you are hired by a customer, you can choose to conduct transactions outside of the GetGigz eco-system by accepting direct payments of cash, or other payment methods, however, you will not have the opportunity to receive a rating or feedback for others to see directly on your GetGigz profile. If you choose to keep your transaction within the GetGigz eco-system, there is small payment processing fee that will never exceed 10% of your earnings, you will also receive feedback and ratings for others to see on your GetGigz profile. The payment fee covers the costs associated with transferring funds to your PayPal account. The more positive feedback you receive from customers, the more in demand your profile becomes. It is that simple!

We keep the entire process simple. We encourage our service providers to conduct research of all freelance platforms, and we believe that you will truly find GetGigz to be the best value.

Whether you are, or need a tutor, a plumber, or a U.S. Military Veteran who has a variety of skills to offer, let GetGigz match you with someone in your neighborhood, across the country, or on the other side of the world.

Are you looking for a platform for get your ‘side hustle’ on, sign up with GetGigz, today.

GetGigz makes it as simple as 1,2,3:

1. “Post your Skills” or “ Post aGig”

2. Get Matched with a Gig or a Service Provider

3. Schedule an appointment and GET IT DONE!

It’s that simple!

Post a Gig - Hire a GigStar!

As a GetGigz customer, you will have access to a number of highly qualified GigStars, including Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their respective field. Customers have the ability to negotiate directly with your GigStar and negotiate reasonable prices for the service(s) you need. There is a ONE TIME Post a Gig fee of $3.99, this fee will ensure your Gig is visible, so that GigStars can apply for your Gig. Once your Gig is posted, GigStars with those skills you demand, will have the opportunity to apply for the Gig. You can chat, interview, or negotiate directly with GigStars. Hire the one you like the best. Or to make things simpler, the last step when you Post a Gig, we will give you recommendations and you can invite the GigStar you like. You can also review profiles and hire a GigStar directly.

We give you the options, so that you have control!

After your services are complete, you will have the ability to rate the GigStar and the service(s) you received. This all occurs before you agree to pay, or if it makes it simple, you can pay the GigStar directly with cash or other payment methods. This is all up to you!

GetGigz makes it a WIN - WIN for Customers and GigStars alike.

Sign up today and download the app available in iOS or Android.

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San Ramon, California

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Privately Held

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10-50 employees

Contact us: 1-833-269-7545

Email us: info@getgigz.com