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Dispute Resolution Policy

Disputes and Cancellation of Gigz

As a freelance labor marketing platform, GetGigz expects GigStars, Service Providers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Customers to settle conflicts amongst themselves during the Gigz process, and ultimately during the completion of the Gig transaction.

At no point, GetGigz accepts liability for work conducted by Service Provider, nor GetGigz guarantees payment to GigStars from their customers.

If for any reason GigStars and customers are not able to resolve disputes after using the Dispute process designed for GigStars, Service Providers, SMEs, and Customers, or if you encounter non-permitted usage on the Site, users can contact GetGigz Dispute department for assistance. (link send dispute email).

Gig Cancellations/Disputes/Refunds
  • If the Gig is pending, and not completed by GigStar, customers can submit cancel Gig request on pending Gig tab and GetGigz will refund the 20 percent initial payment.

  • If the Gig is completed, and customer refuses to pay. The GigStar will have the ability to keep the 20 percent and send a request for review to GetGigz. GetGigz will investigate and provide additional information to the GigStar.

  • Gig cancellations can be performed on GetGigz prior the scheduled date, when eligible, by either the GigStar or Customers.

  • Once the Gig is completed, the GigStar will submit Gigz completion and final payment request to the Customer.

  • Customer will have an opportunity to dispute the Gig directly with GigStar prior to submitting final payment.

  • This process is designed to provide the GigStar with the ability to resolve the dispute with his/her customer.

  • If the customer accepts Gig and completes final payment, the customer will have 10 days to file a dispute directly with GetGigz by reviewing Completed Gigz and filing a dispute.

  • GetGigz will address received disputes and will contact GigStar and provide GigStars with the ability to respond and address the dispute.

  • The customer should provide photos, and any substantiating information to support the dispute.

  • After carefully reviewing and investigating the Gig, under certain circumstances, GetGigz may refund the Customer for the disputed Gig.

  • If GetGigz processes refund to a Customer, GetGigs reserves the right to withhold funds from GigStar if after the investigation it is determined that GigStar did not properly complete the Gig.