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Why Hire Veterans on GetGigz

GetGigz Veterans Mission:

GetGigz is founded by Veterans for Veterans in order to provide all U.S. Military veterans with opportunities to earn money by matching their skills with individuals who want to hire them.

Veterans can work on their own schedule and on their own terms.

We call this project: GetGigz Veterans!

The U.S. Military veteran community is a highly regarded and respected community. GetGigz considers military veterans a National Treasure!

We believe that veterans represent the true spirit of America’s work ethic and professionalism. Their sacrifices provide us with the many economic opportunities and freedoms that we enjoy in the U.S., and around the world. This is why we created GetGigz, the freelance community for to showcase our veterans.

Our veterans are hard working and brave. They often risk their lives for an opportunity at a higher education, they also risk their lives to obtain skills to support themselves and their family. The American veteran does not seek a handout, they earn it! These hardworking veterans are also significant contributors to our economy here at home.

GetGigz was founded by U.S. Military veterans to help veterans obtain everyday work, on their own schedule and in their own communities, or around the world. As veterans, we are flexible and adaptable to the ever changing demands of the workplace and our economy. The global economy is changing, and veterans are changing with it.

There are a number of organizations, small and large that seek to hire these talented veterans for their skills. However, even with all of those efforts veteran unemployment is lower for veterans than others in the U.S. We believe that there are several reasons for that, however, we provide veterans with an additional tool to earn money while providing key functions.

Hiring a veteran will provide that veteran with the dignity, support and motivation that he/she needs in order to support themselves and their families.

The GetGigz veteran community stands together to serve America at Home.

GetGigz Veterans!